The Rishon LeZion Foundation assists with funding a very broad range of projects in the city in various spheres, including education, culture, social inclusion, the third age and entrepreneurship. These projects are innovative and unique, and with their help the city’s residents enjoy programs that strengthen the community and reduce social gaps. The Foundation’s staff, in cooperation with many partners across the city, is constantly working to identify the needs of each of the communities comprising Rishon LeZion, in order to find a solution and to improve the residents’ quality of life. We receive and review many requests, hold work meetings, and put together a detailed file for each project. This then enables us to approach donors, institutions and other bodies that are interested in taking part in meaningful social action on behalf of the people of our city.

We do our best to match our donors’ and partners’ wishes to their vision, and to a desire to help a project that is close to their heart and to the way in which they are interested in implementing their objectives. Therefore, we engage in continuous and challenging work so that each of our projects receives a suitable solution that will extend over time. All of the ideas and projects receive close support from professionals from the Rishon LeZion Municipality’s various departments and divisions. The municipality also provides support and assistance with resources, and occasionally funding as well, so that a project can get up and running. The pages below provide detailed descriptions about dozens of active projects from recent years. We would be happy to hear from you with an inquiry regarding providing support for one that is of special interest to you.

Repair Squad

Project No. 53 – The Repair Squad goes out and makes a home safe and secure. The squad has two roles: the first is to

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Bridge to the Future

Project No. 50 – Establishing a school for completing 12 years of study and completing matriculation exams for disadvantaged populations and immigrants.

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Project No. 49 – The Community Center on Wheels includes a mobile stage, which will make it possible to conduct a variety of activities for

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Social Café

Project No. 45 – The Rishon LeZion Foundation supports a “social café” venture, whose purpose is to establish a business where youth at risk will

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Project Shelter

Project No. 44 – Shelter is a project that deals with providing immediate and temporary emergency lodging for youth at risk, as well as initial

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Chavaya Club

Project No. 43 – There is an open area at the Ramat Eliyahu Youth Center that serves all of the neighborhood youth. It is a

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Project No. 35 – Establishing a snoezelen – controlled multisensory environment (MSE) – at Ma’on Vered. Ma’on Vered is an educational framework for developmentally delayed

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Project No. 32 – The Rishon LeZion Foundation, in cooperation with the Rishon LeZion Municipality, is working to establish a center for the LGBTQ community

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Agam Museum

Project No. 30 – The Agam Museum, which is located in the government complex in Kiryat Rishon, is a unique showcase of the work of

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PERACH Boosters

Project No. 28 – The Rishon LeZion Foundation awards thousands of grants and loans to students participating in PERACH (student mentoring and tutoring project), in

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Academic Loans

Project No. 27 – One significant project of great importance that the Foundation has been promoting for a number of years is the annual provision

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Ladies’ Circle

Project No. 19 – Tangent Ladies’ Circle is a follow-on organization to the Ladies’ Circle, an international women’s volunteer community service organization.

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Project No. 18 – Mikhall is a support and empowerment program for children and teens with a disability, led and inspired by adults who have

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Yad Lebanim

Project No. 17 – The Rishon LeZion Foundation works on behalf of the city’s families who have lost loved ones in Israel’s wars. Within this

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The Teder Club

Project No. 16 – Teder (Frequency) is Rishon LeZion’s municipal youth club. The club includes a well-appointed events hall, music room and recording studio open

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Ron Vardi Center

Project No. 10 – The Rishon LeZion Foundation supported the advancement of the center, which over the years has expanded the scope of its activity.

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Roots Trip to Ethiopia

Project No. 4 – An annual and comprehensive program by the Social Inclusion Administration, with the Rishon LeZion Foundation’s assistance, that aims to provide an

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