Central Fund for Strengthening the Community


Community Empowerment


So that we are able to support various continuing projects of the Social Inclusion Administration and the Education Division on an ongoing basis, we established a central fund that divides the annual donations among a number of different projects. This contribution is important and helps communities receive significant support over time.

Donations to the Central Fund are received from business owners, foundations, institutions and from city residents.

Your donation will make a real and impactful change on the lives of many Rishon LeZion residents throughout the year, including in the following projects:

• Needy families
• Brother in the Community – mentors for single parent families
• Computer for Every Child
• Teen girls at risk
• Scholarships for students, residents of the city, from families supported by social services
• Warm Home for Lone Soldiers
• Tenufa – extra lessons in math and English for members of the Ethiopian community
• Special populations

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Additional Projects

Repair Squad

Project No. 53 – The Repair Squad goes out and makes a home safe and secure. The squad has two roles: the first is to

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